Friday, December 2, 2011

2011 nominations

Congratulations to the following writers:

Nominated for Best of the Net (annual anthology by Sundress Publications)

Feng Sun Chen, "Inter" (poem from #18)
Katie Przybylski, "Shell Ethics" (poem from #18)
Sarah Marshall, "Wednesday" (poem from #19)
Matt Mauch, "Fifth Recitation Prior to the Consumption of Organic Psilocybin"(poem from #20)
Keith Wilson, "Rules of Prejudice" (poem from #20)
Edward Manzi, "The Cruelest Man in the World" (flash from #20)
Trevor Houser, "Underwater" (fiction from #17)

Nominated for Pushcart Prize

Kasandra Larsen, "Etched on the Bone Caught in Your Throat" (poem from #20)
Ruth Foley, "Live Birth" (poem from #20)
Adam Zahller, "Thursday, 2:17 AM" (poem from #21)
Mary Stone Dockery, "Pisces Elegy" (poem from #21)
Jason David Peterson, "Heirloom" (poem from #22)
Kimberly Lojewski, "The Mouth as the Source and the Center" (fiction from #22)

Best of luck!

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