Friday, August 23, 2013

#Litmaglove for BL author Donald Illich's poem in Sixth Finch

We recently discovered Sixth Finch, a lovely online mag of poetry and art that we plan to revisit often.

Seeing work by "our authors" in other venues is always another kind of happy discovery, and so it was again with Donald Illich's poem "Neighborhood" from the most recent issue of Sixth Finch. Donald was a contributor to our fourth issue way back in January 2007, and we're glad to see he's still writing great poems.

"Neighborhood" is a poem about the micro-communities we live in, but with an almost surreal bent tinged with an awareness of death: "Nothing would happen to me that I hadn't earned / by being born," the speaker tells us amid details that suggest suburbia's anesthetic effect on his life.

Check out this mag and follow this author!

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