Thursday, October 10, 2013

#Litmaglove: Priscilla Atkins' "Delores" from Apple Valley Review issue 8.1

We recently came across Minotaur's Spotlight, a new website that endeavors to comb the internet for good writing.

Indie lit curation? Love it!

Priscilla Atkins' poem "Delores," originally featured in Apple Valley Review's spring 2013 issue, showed up at Minotaur's Spotlight last month. Be glad you can find it in two places, because it's a great poem.

The narrative is pretty straightforward, but there are these slices of eerie imagery that keep you from getting too comfortable with the story. They are vague enough to stay true to the adolescent point of view employed, but the poem makes the point that kids and teenagers are not so easily deceived -- they pick up more than we might think possible, and to long-lasting adverse effects. A character reports that "the house smelled uneven." Another mentions the title character's car as smelling "like icebox roses." Weird. In the best way possible.

Bookmark Minotaur's Spotlight and check it out when you have 10 minutes to read some new online lit, but don't want to click around for 5 of those minutes looking for it.

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