Thursday, January 1, 2015

BL is closing up shop

Dear Internet, readers, and BL authors,

Beginning today, the first day of 2015, Blood Lotus will be ceasing a regular publication schedule and closing to submissions indefinitely. 

This decision did not come easily. When we co-founded BL in 2006, our mission was to create a space to publish visceral, imagistic, memorable writing. For eight years, we did so through quarterly issues, and for the past year, through bimonthly features of individual authors. It is work we have enjoyed immensely. But concurrent to nine years of publishing BL have been dozens of new jobs, new cities, new projects, new human babies (it really seems like dozens of babies!) and so on. We would rather end BL than let it languish and not get the attention it deserves. 

But we aren't quite done yet. In 2015, we won't be publishing new work, but we plan to continue the blog, checking in with authors we've published and posting interviews, book reviews, and guest posts as usual. Most importantly, we will be selecting work from our archives for inclusion in a Best of BL anthology (digital and print) that we plan to release in early 2016 for our 10th anniversary. 

Thank you for reading our tiny piece of the literary web. Thank you to all the editors who've ever read for us and helped shape our issues. Thank you to everyone who has ever shared or commented on the work we've published.

BL is our baby, and it's hard to let it go, but damn did we have a good time being editor-parents.

Best wishes to everyone for 2015, and please stay tuned through the year.

Peace and love,
Stacia and Teneice