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Teneice and Stacia, co-founders of BL, have the insight and expertise to help you craft both individual poems and longer poetic arcs. If you add up all the years these two have spent making books or issues of lit mags, the total is more than half of their combined ages. That’s dedication that they want to put to work on your poetry manuscript, via editing services that are accessible and affordable for grad students, working writers, and anyone who is serious about writing.

Here’s what they’re offering:  

  • $30 - Line by line (LBL) edits of up to 32 pages of poetry by one editor, plus suggestions for suitable publications for the work, 10-day turnaround
  • +$20 - LBL edits of up to 32 pages by both editors
  • +$20 - 48-hour turnaround, instead of 10 days (per editor)
  • +$5 - Ordering of chapbook/book section (per editor)
  • +$10 - One-hour Gmail chat or Skype conversation with one editor
  • +$20 - *5 printed copies of your work in pamphlet form

*No cover art, blurbs, or ISBN will be provided. These pamphlets are to serve promotional purposes for authors, who can sell them at readings or gift them to friends and family; but more so, they will allow authors to see what their finished chap could look, read, and “feel” like. Pamphlets will be printed professionally and saddle-stitched. The $20 add-on charge includes printing and postage costs. 

You can purchase the basic $30 service and add other services as needed. How affordable is that? Please email bloodlotusediting@gmail.com with a synopsis of your project (chapbook, full-length section, or just a group of poems you’d like closely edited), a bio, and a list of the services you would like from the bullet points above, and we’ll get back to you right away.

Who would benefit from these services:
  • Writers with a batch of poems they wish to ready for submissions
  • Writers who are compiling a chapbook or sections of a full-length poetry collection
  • Students of writing who seek to supplement the feedback they receive on their work without paying expensive editing fees
  • Young writers who have shared their work only minimally and fear their voices won't be valued
  • Any writer seeking intensive, quality line edits, highly individualized attention to their work, ordering of a manuscript, suggestions for suitable publication venues, and commitment to preserving each author's unique voice and vision
Praise for Teneice and Stacia:

“[Teneice] was kind to my work but she also ensured that the chapbook was of the highest quality. She guided me through revisions and the creative process as well as cover design and selection.  I have the utmost admiration for her professionalism, poetry knowledge, and editorial decision process.  Over the years, we have collaborated on projects and I look forward to our next collaboration.”

– Ricardo Nazario y Colon, author of The Recital, Winged City Press

"Professional. Punctual. Dedicated. Stacia Fleegal is a pleasure to work with; her commitment to poetry shines through her conscientious editing. She edited my chapbook, Orpheus on Toast, line by line. I received thoughtful, timely comments that helped me to make my poetry more poetic, more me, and, if I had a question, she’d respond immediately. When Stacia says she will do something, she does it and, not only does she do it, but she goes above and beyond. She did not “cramp my style” nor try to impose her aesthetic on my work; she listened to what my chap wanted to be and she helped edit it into being."

– Ryder Collins, author of Orpheus on Toast, Homegirl!, and i am hopscotch w/out hop


  1. Dear Teneice,

    I have written a poetry narrative. I am looking for help editing my work. I am wondering how can I send it your way by attachment. My manuscript totals little over 25,000 words.

    I look fondly on any aid you can provide me. I am looking forward to your response.

    Best regards,

    Sami A. Albra

    1. Dear Sami-
      I'd love to talk with you about your project. Please email me at bloodlotusediting(at)gmail.com Looking forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Teneice

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