...with humble, tickled pink thanks to these discerning readers.

Review of BL at Literary Laundry! Excerpt: "A great strength of Blood Lotus is that I notice...a very distinct style that pervades a large number of pieces. Poetry and prose alike feature lyrical, moving imagery, and a seemingly effortless portrayal of the simultaneously exotic and familiar...the journal admirably achieves a great deal of cohesion throughout the issue. This contributes to what I feel is fairly ideal reading experience, and also grants credibility to their claim that the journal should be read as issues rather than as disjointed pieces."

Review of BL at anonconfidential! Excerpt: "Blood Lotus has successfully struck that fine line between being a serious literary journal and a cool literary journal."

Awesome review of #19 by Michelle Bailat-Jones at Necessary Fiction
Excerpt: "The pieces collected here, presented in an elegant and streamlined online viewer, one of the best this reviewer has ever seen, are as much a celebration of the individual at the margins as they are a critique and compassionate exploration."

BL #19 featured artist Diana Paul says lovely things about BL on her blog, Unhealed Wound. Excerpt: "The fiction and poetry are not mainstream, in the sense that the unexpected happens in offbeat ways...The experimental vision of this journal should not be missed!"

Words recently used by contributors to describe BL: snazzy, foxy, arresting, magnificent, a gem

A mention in a vid The Rumpus did

Newpages review of BL #8 Excerpt: "Blood Lotus is a shape-shifting chameleon of a flower that pricks you with one of its thorns not only to keep your attention, but so you are aware of what change is possible through creation."