Stacia M. Fleegal reviews Laura Madeline Wiseman's First Wife

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Barrett Warner reviews Rachel Adams' What Is Heard

Stacia M. Fleegal reviews Matt Mauch's If You're Lucky Is a Theory of Mine

Barrett Warner reviews Adam Tavel's Red Flag Up

Stacia M. Fleegal reviews #21 contributor Jason Bradford's The Inhabitants

Stacia M. Fleegal reviews #3 contributor Clare L. Martin's Eating the Heart First
Barrett Warner reviews Elizabeth Robinson's Reply
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Stacia M. Fleegal reviews #18 contributor Feng Sun Chen's Butcher's Tree alongside its publisher Janaka Stucky's The World Will Deny It for You

Diane Thomas reviews Susan Gardener's Drawing the Line

Kacy Muir reviews #13 contributor Brian Fanelli's Front Man

Thomas Michael Duncan reviews #11 contributor Stephanie Dickinson's Half Girl

Kris Bigalk reviews #12 contributor Laura McCullough's Panic

Stacia M. Fleegal reviews Melanie Dusseau's The Body Tries Again


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